About the Artist

Sandy, a 65-year-old widow living in Arlington, Virginia, was just trying to make ends meet back in 2009 when a friend suggested selling her wreaths. She had given handmade gifts to friends and family for many years, but never before thought of selling them. People liked the wreaths well enough that in 2010, she started making centerpieces as well. When she had a knee replacement in 2011 and was in rehab during the holidays, she came up with yet another idea: her family brought in a 2-foot tall Christmas tree, but it kept getting in the way and finally ended up in the bathroom. From this experience, the themed 4- to 24-inch tall “thinking of you” trees were born, small enough to sit on a hospital table or bedside without causing trouble.

Sandy keeps coming up with new ideas for beautiful household decorations for the holidays. She attends several craft fairs around Arlington where you can buy her works – check out her latest events on the home page. Find some of her latest crafts in her gallery, and even more examples of her artwork on her Facebook page.